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Dining Rooms

Our hospitality team prides itself on making mealtimes a special, stimulating part of each day. In our home, meals are as much about providing nutritious, tasty food as they are about enjoying a social occasion.

Residents are served three meals a day, as well as a mid-morning snack and afternoon tea. We use fresh ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, with the emphasis on providing delicious seasonal meals. We understand the nutritional needs of older people and create meals that offer the correct calorific and nutritional content. We consider meals to be a fundamental part of every Resident’s care plan.

Eating is a social and an emotional experience, and our dining rooms are designed to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere, with menus that offer plenty of variety. We make a point of celebrating birthdays and special occasions, as well as national festivities such as St. Georges Day, St. Davids Day, St Andrew’s Day, St. Patricks Day, Fathers Day Mother’s Day and Burns Night along with various other holidays. We have built-in music systems to provide ambience and we dress our dining rooms in the evening.

We cater for special diets, but we’re also constantly looking for ways to make food and the dining experience as exciting as possible. There are more than 700 recipes in the HC-One cookbook and we’re updating this all the time. Our Taste and Try sessions are very popular with our Residents and they’ll often ask us to recreate a favourite classic dish. This can trigger a lively conversation and all kinds of memories, discussions and laughter.

Nashley House - dining Room
Nashley House Dining Room
Nashley House Care Home Weston-super-Mare
Nashley House residents
Nashley House Room


We have a very attractive and spacious lounge with various amenities to give residents choice in their surroundings, outlook, companionship and conversation.

The main lounge is in the centre of the home and is a really social space, where residents can watch television or take part in the daily activities.

Activities / Games Room

Located just off the main lounge, this room is a hive of activity throughout the day; the Residents enjoy Arts & Crafts sessions, Bridge club, Sewing club and various board games.

This room can also be made private for family gatherings.

Nashley House - Games Room
Nashley House - Games Room
Nashley Library


Located on the first floor, our library consists of a vast collection of books and Audio books for all residents to enjoy; it is an oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the main house.


We want Nashley House to be their home from home. We are mindful that Nashley House is our resident’s home, therefore privacy and peace of mind is of the utmost importance. Residents are invited to bring their own personal effects enhancing their new surroundings by the comfort of familiar favourite possessions. Our handyman is on hand to ensure that your room is set to your requirements.

Nashley House Bedroom
Nashley House Bathroom
Nashley House Gardens
Nashley House Gardens
Nashley House Gardens
Nashley House Gardens


We have a beautiful landscaped garden at the front of the house, which is southeast facing and enjoys the sun in the morning and afternoon. It has numerous garden benches to be able to enjoy the plant life and relax and take in the sound of the birds in peace and tranquillity.

At the entrance of our home we have an outdoor seating area, which our residents enjoy when the weather is fine. Our residents enjoy sunbathing, reading the paper, chatting with friends, listening to music or to just sit and watch the world go by.

Putting the summer months to good use, we are always ready for a garden party and enjoy our Annual Garden party for all Residents and their families.

Fluffy Friends

The Residents of Nashley House enjoy the household menagerie of fish, we have tropical and freshwater fish tanks located in the lounge and in our main dining room.

For the Cat lovers, We host a Monthly Cat Café featuring the beautiful Digsbie and Tigsie.

Our extremely cute Resident French Bulldogs Bonnie and Beau stimulate conversations of nostalgia, childhood memories.

Many families frequently escort their canine ‘offspring’ into Nashley House giving pleasure to all.

Nashley House Cats
Nashley House Pets
Nashley House Crop

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