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Covid 19 Statement

We realise it is an extremely frightening time for all at the minute, but particularly the most vulnerable within our communities. Self-isolation can be terribly isolating! If you or your loved one are anxious about how you’ll cope in the next few weeks or months, let us help.

We are pleased to tell you that our care home has fared comparatively well throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We are continuing to test residents and staff regularly.

Controlled external visits are now available for all residents, meaning you need not go without seeing your loved ones. Some of the precautions we are taking to make this possible include gazebos in the gardens with the sides open, visiting Pod masks for residents if they choose, no requirement to come into the building and of course, social distancing.

We take pride in our extremely high standard of cleanliness and attention to detail, both of which have helped ensure we are well prepared for situations just like this. Our number one priority, now and always, is ensuring the safety of our residents and staff.

But we’re going even further during these unprecedented times and have implemented additional measures to keep everyone safe and happy in our homes. Some of these measures include:

  • Rolling testing of all residents and staff
  • We’re fully stocked on PPE (the highest level) for many months to come
  • We are practicing social distancing at all times within the home.
  • The home has an Infection, Prevention and Control Information Station where we are reinforcing messages of excellent personal hygiene for staff and making sure that we have all the latest updates on how they can help.
  • Our housekeeping teams are conducting regular deep cleaning throughout the homes
  • All residents and staff on shift are having their temperature checked daily to allow for early detection if anyone is unwell.
  • We have an Activities coordinator who communicates all updates via Whatsapp call, video call and newsletter with loved ones.
  • We have a Covid safe and secure visitor pod to ensure residents can still see their loved ones throughout the harsh winter months .
  • And of course, we are following government guidance and all the new advice from Public Health England as it comes.

Despite these measures the fun hasn’t stopped at Nashley! Our residents are happier than ever enjoying the occasional sunshine and the various activities we plan for them each and every day. We have purchased specialist equipment to ensure all have access to frequent video calls.

Do reach out to us if there’s anything we can help you with. You can contact us here.

All the Best,

Ingrid O’Brien and Ciodhna O’Suillivan
Owners and Managing Directors

Ashley House, Weston-super-Mare

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